Eucalyptus Essential Oil – A WONDER DRUG

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – A WONDER DRUG

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is well known for its medicinal properties. It is a prominent purifier, cleanser and immunity booster. It is popular for its calming and anti-bacterial properties and is used in numerous body, skin and hair care products. It is an absolute essential for aromatherapy. This article highlights innumerable benefits of natural homemade recipes that use the advantages of Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

As a natural disinfecting air spray, Eucalyptus Essential Oil acts as an anti-microbial, non-toxic air freshener that removes from the environment bacteria, viruses, and mold that could contribute to respiratory issues. Eucalyptus oil can be used as a spray to freshen up the room and eliminate the body odors trapped in shoes and sports gear. It is a solace for those, suffering from allergies.

Eucalyptus has wholesome benefits, making it suitable for use in the form of gels, rolls on and creams as well as direct inhalation supporting the whole family’s open breathing during challenging winter months. Eucalyptus has high (70% – 85%) eucalyptol content and thus is widely used therapeutically. Eucalyptus essential oil’s powerful properties are the reason it is so popular for diffuser/aromatherapy whenever the children bring home mucous from school.

Cleansing and penetrating, eucalyptus oil may be used topically, diffused or in inhalation therapy to support in clearing and energizing tired or overworked bodies. It may also be used topically as an insect repellent. Eucalyptus is added to many household cleaners for good reason; just add a few drops to what you already have and have a fresh clean boost in scent and efficiency!

Eucalyptus essential oil has a refreshing stimulation on the mind, aiding in improving concentration. It is an excellent go-to oil for mood alleviation times of grief and sorrow, as well a mind calmer opening helping in equalizing emotions. It is used by many physiatrists to assist their patients. Adding eucalyptus oil to your diffuser blends with citrus or floral fragrance oil will add crispness to the soothing aroma.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil’s is quite popular amongst mothers to put on wounds, cuts, burns, bites, stings, and sores because of its germicidal and antiseptic properties. Besides calming the irritated skin, it is also a pain reliever, protects any openings from infections, and promotes faster healing. Adding to lukewarm water during baths, help to rejuvenate stiff and sore muscles as Eucalyptus Essential Oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.


15 drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
10 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil
5 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil
5 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Jojoba or Apricot Kernel Oil is suggested to be used as Carrier Oil


• Combine all the oils in a lidded container and shake the closed bottle to thoroughly blend all oils.
• Pour 1 Tbsp of the blend into warm bath water.
• This blend can also be used as an immune-booster the chest, back, and feet.
• The unused blend should be stored in a cool, dark place outside of the humid bathroom environment.

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